The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth

THE DIET MYTH is a ground-breaking book by Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College, London, drawing on his pioneering research into microbes, genetics and diet.

At a time when an increasing proportion of the world’s population is suffering from obesity and its related health issues, Tim Spector offers an important and fascinating perspective on this global epidemic. He explains that because of the way in which our attitudes to food have changed over the last few decades, we are no longer exposed to the very microbes that have always been an invisible but essential part of our physiology.

In THE DIET MYTH Tim Spector will offer a compelling account of our physiological relationship with food, and dispel many of the most prevalent myths and pseudo-science surrounding faddish diets. With this new knowledge we can begin to understand the complex relationship our bodies have with food and start to reverse this health crisis.

Tim Spector explains why the dogma about calories is wrong, why some diets succeed in the short term and why all ultimately fail in the long term. The one common factor to a healthy diet, healthy gut and a healthy body is diversity.

If we are to combat the epidemic of obesity and health problems we need a fundamental shift in how we view food, diets and the hidden microbial world inside our bodies.